5 Common Causes of Metal Roof Leaks

The roof is an important structure of a building that provides ways to ensure more protection from potential threats. Roof contractors use various types of materials while installing a new roof or replacing an existing structure. Building owners should keep their roofs in perfect condition to avoid repairs, leaks, and other problems. Metal roofing in a building may face leaks and property owners should know the common causes of the problem in detail. This will help rectify the problem as soon as possible with a professional contractor to improve the conditions significantly.

What are some causes that are responsible for metal roof leaks?

 1. Improper or poor installation

Building owners should check whether a metal roof is installed correctly. This is because improper installation may lead to leaks and requires immediate care. Furthermore, people should consider working with a professional company that follows the best practices during the installation process. By doing this, property owners can minimize leaks effectively to witness peace of mind.

2. Faulty fasteners

Screws are mainly responsible for metal roofing leaks and building owners should check them to reduce the problems. Fasteners may become exposed due to heavy winds and other environmental factors. They will cause gaps and leave holes in the seam laps which results in leaks. Over-driven screws, under-driven screws, screws at wrong angles, and screws that miss the metal strut can lead to leaks. It is wise to examine the conditions of faulty fasteners with a contractor to replace them as soon as possible.

3. Missing sealants

A metal roof uses sealants during the installation process and they don’t last long. Therefore, building owners should replace them from time to time to overcome the problem. Checking the sealants must be a part of the roof maintenance program because it gives ways to improve the standards.

4. Curb flashings

HVAC units on metal roofing will sit on the top of a roof curb. On the other hand, a roof curb is one of the common places that cause leaks on a metal roof. Hence, building owners should make sure that flashing is all around the curb. However, water can get through overtime en if it is properly installed.

5. Separated seams

Overlaps can occur on metal roofing in a standing seam system and it can result in the penetration of water. Building owners should consider sealing the seams upon installation to keep the water out. A roofing company will help solve the problem with highly qualified teams.