Real Estate

Unlock Happiness Behind The Doors Of Your Dream House

People wish and dream of living a flexible lifestyle that has no boundations. They not only want convenience but also seek privacy and a life free from chaos. Living in a place that serves comfort and independence and sets boundaries for stress and tension is a dream for all.

Various constructors and builders will make you a house to live in. designers will craft their skills into the alls of your house. But at last, what matters is your experience, your feeling in that home of yours.

A new property is located in an excellent location Charansanitwong Road, next to MRT Blue Line. Condo Charan 13 (คอนโดจรัญ 13, which is the term in Thai). It is The latest well developed New project that has been introduced in the city.

Features Of The New Real Estate

· Route Map

Charansanitwong 13 is located close to the city. It is situated on the main highway. Between the torch junction as well as ThaPhra junction.

· Market Area

 Shopping centres surround the lush Charan 13 region. Leading shopping centres or you can walk to the market close to the development. No worries about the inconvenience of travelling

· Connections And Transportation

The project is located on the main highway, allowing for a comfortable journey whether you are travelling via public transport or travel by train. Will be able to travel just a few millimetres from MRT Charan 13 station, or it can be reached with a private car. The station can be entered and out of the city. It is easy to travel via the main road and due to the Charan 13’s being in the middle of the road is capable of easily connecting to the major roads like Ratchaphruek Road, Bang Week Road, and Phutthamonthon Road.

· Living A Balanced And Healthy Life In All Areas

Connecting travellers from cities to homes in a seamless manner. It is surrounded by amenities such as hospitals, schools, and the best department stores. Living a balanced and healthy life in all areas


An efficient design pays attention to each aspect of the property’s roof. It allows you to enjoy things with breathtaking perspectives of Bangkok. Relax and recharge every day.

The housings are more like your own personal world than just constructing walls. A new feeling of happiness is waiting at the doors of the new rooms.