For any temporary construction site there is a real need to secure and install key power provisions. Providing temporary power for all sorts of sites is an integral part of managing a construction site and a project, choosing a generator company that can furnish you with construction lighting and solar power generator hire that maximize the potential of the site project and meets all requirements for schedule, budget, and reducing the carbon footprint of the site and project.

As solar energy has improved, so too has its capabilities. On a construction site there are many different applications that can be powered by solar energy, utilising hybrid solar generators to power all rechargeable batteries for equipment and tools, site lighting, electric heaters, trailers that are on site for administrative reasons, machinery that require an external power source, and fans and ventilation. You’ll find that most equipment that is used on a construction site can be adapted to solar power, making it a cost-efficient choice for any construction site.

Utilising solar powered generators helps your site to significantly reduce its carbon emissions and carbon footprint. This is an important part of the modern construction company, looking at ways to move away from traditional fossil fuels to power a site and moving towards the use of cleaner energy on a consistent basis. What this also achieves is less reliance on finding connections to the grid, as you are using temporary clean energy solutions in the form of generator hire.

Hybrid generators allow for this access to energy wherever your site is located, meaning that even the tightest access and sites in remote places should not suffer from a lack of energy source. Instead, you can bring your temporary clean energy solution with you, wherever your site happens to be.

Another advantage of solar generators is that they are much more cost effective when compared directly with fossil fuel powered generators that are traditionally used on construction sites. On top of the lower up-front costs there are no operating and maintenance costs to consider, as there is minimal maintenance and monitoring to consider with these units.

Alongside the lower emissions and boost to the low-carbon credentials of your construction company and the projects undertaken, solar generators also run in a silent fashion. What this means is that you no longer have to worry about potential complaints over noise pollution, as can be the case with the use of diesel power generators on sites in residential areas.

Solar hybrid generators can make a massive difference to the sustainability credentials and the performance of a work site. There are a few advantages to be found from hiring solar generators for your construction site, providing temporary power solutions to a site that is fast-moving and requires a very precise type of power and lighting at any given time. As the solar industry grows and improves, so too does the technology that harnesses this renewable energy. Choose the right solar hire solution for your construction site needs and you will not be disappointed.