Interior Design

Easy Bathroom Decor Ideas You Need!

Interior designing is a lot of work. While we work hard to make every corner of our home aesthetic, we often neglect the bathroom. You’ll see so many homes with pretty interiors and a plain bathroom as they forget to decorate it!

We have some pretty aesthetic bathroom decor (แบบห้องน้ำ, which is the term in Thai) ideas that you need to see!

Bathroom Decor Ideas

· Have A Pretty Mirror:

You will be surprised to know many people forget to leave the space for a mirror and then end up ruining the bathroom look. A mirror not only looks pretty but is very functional too!

While getting a mirror, choose a frame that looks good with the other cabinets and size precisely the space you have. Choose neutral framed mirrors for natural walls; buy a minimalistic mirror if you have vibrant cabinets.

· Hide The Toiletries:

To make the entire space look neat and clean, it is necessary to hide all the toiletries. Having a few on the sides of the mirror or top of the cabinets is okay, but for all the shampoos, conditioners, and soaps you don’t need every time you visit a bathroom, put them in the cupboards. It’s also a good idea to put all your skincare items in the cabinets!

· Towels And Curtains:

If you have any big windows, have a curtain to add some glam to the bathroom. When buying towels, go with the colour scheme of the bathroom. It’s not ideal to have light colours since they will be visibly dirty soon. But if you love whites and can keep up with the cleaning, go for it!

· Plants:

People believe that plants should not be kept in the bathroom; plants are not a part of bathroom decor ideas, but if you have enough space, adding two or three plants will add grace to your space.

A bathroom with neutral colour walls, classic cabinets and a few potted plants feels complete!

· Wallpaper:

Adding botanical wallpaper will make your bathroom look amazing. Trust us; find beautiful wallpaper online and get it. Have one wall in your bathroom with pretty wallpaper, and you are good to go. Wallpapers make such a massive difference in the way your bathroom looks.


Now that you have enough bathroom decor ideas, make an effort to elevate how your bathroom looks. Gone are the day’s rooms had to be clean and straightforward. You can have a bathroom just as you like it!