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Pool Fence Inspections: Peace Of Mind For Everyone

Pool fence inspections are crucial to ensuring your swimming pool is compliant with safety regulations, providing a safe area for family and friends to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon in the backyard.

Swimming pools are an all-time favorite during the hot Summer months, leaving the house empty while everyone spends the majority of their time relaxing and enjoying the cool waters. With a barbeque on the go and all of your family and friends gathered together, it couldn’t be a more perfect day in the warm Australian sun. But, what you never anticipated was that the kids would make their way to the pool while everyone else was enjoying a perfect lunch. You were sure you closed the gate, but now you can’t remember all the activity that has been going on. But, why would the kids go to the pool alone when they know there needs to be an adult present? Unfortunately, the little ones snuck passed unnoticed, and found themselves in the deep end of what could’ve been a tragedy had you not gone looking for them sooner.

Things like this can happen to anyone and at any time. But, there are ways to prevent the worst from happening to you and your family. So, although having a swimming pool on your property is great for some outdoor activity and socialising, it is also a considerable risk to those who use it, especially when your pool fencing is not up to code. This is why pool fence inspections are a must-have, ensuring the safety of all those who wish to enjoy the refreshing and cool water.

Don’t let your swimming pool be the reason someone gets hurt. Instead, get in touch with Pacific Smoke Alarms to request a pool fence inspection today!

Peace Of Mind

Would you feel comfortable letting your kids run freely in the backyard without fencing around the swimming pool? Probably not, so why would you neglect to install fencing around the pool area? One of the greatest benefits of a regulated pool fence is that it mitigates potential accidents, but it also provides a great sense of peace that your family can play without being in harm’s way. For yourself and for your kids, a pool fence inspection will meticulously evaluate the safety of your swimming pool barrier and ensure that even the most curious and determined children won’t gain access to the water.

Remember, any accidents, injuries, or deaths that occur on your property are your responsibility, which is why every pool owner should take pool fence inspections seriously.

Safety Aside, A Pool Fence Can Be A Beautiful Addition As Well As Compliant

Of course, you already know the importance of installing a fence or barrier around your swimming pool and ensuring it is up to code. You may even already have your compliance certificate, and that’s great! But, what many homeowners are frustrated by is that the fencing detracts from the look and feel of their pool lounging area. When you have spent a great deal of time and money on landscaping and beautifying your backyard, the last thing you want to have installed is an unappealing fence.

Fortunately, there are several pool fencing options available that adhere to pool fence regulations while offering an excellent aesthetic that elevates the overall look of your swimming pool area. So, you don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful backyard to ensure it is safe – you can have both!

Here at Pacific Smoke Alarms, we are passionate about protecting your family, which is why we provide excellent pool fence inspection services to residents throughout the Gold Coast. We want your family to feel safe while enjoying your time together in and out of the pool, and our pool fence inspections will make sure you have complete peace of mind!

So, if you’re interested in installing a new swimming pool and need guidance on regulation fencing, need to obtain a compliance certificate, or want to renew your expired certificate, we can help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!